At Clean Living Healthy Mind we offer a diverse range of services, from Holistic Health Coaching services to Stress and Weight Management and much in between, equipping our clients with skills to de-stress and truly relax, and allow your best possible self to flourish.   


We believe in the value and wholeness of each person.  In focusing on ‘holistic health’ we educate, nurture and inspire our clients on their journey to managing their own holistic health goals and discovering their resulting intentional, fulfilling lives one step at a time.  Each session is tailored for your specific needs to help you achieve your best possible results in the shortest possible time


With a background in nursing, education and musical performance, Rene Thompson approaches Holistic Health with a unique and refreshing perspective.


Having lived most of her life with anxiety and depression as companions, she now presents practical and uplifting seminars, workshops and one-one-one consultations with humour and empathy.  She combines her passion for music, teaching and relaxation, with her Holistic Life Coaching practice and her qualification as a Certified Aromatherapist in uniquely tailored sessions for her clients focusing on identifying and overcoming hurdles to meet their life goal.